Friday, November 5, 2010

Inspired to post this weekend

Inspired today

I am so excited, while browsing the various quilting blogs today (while at work).  I came across a quilt idea that is so fabulous and such a good idea for all of those un used scraps.  Have you heard of a Tucker Tape Quilt?  I found it on several sites so I am not sure whom to give the credit too...but it is a great way to use all those bits and pieces that I tend to hang on to for that "I might need it some day project" 

I am going to go home tonight and rummage my stash and see what I can come up with..Did I say I am inspired???  I will share pics as I get started this weekend...

Monday, October 11, 2010

Spinning at the County Fair

Every year I go to the fair and spin my yarn and enter something to be judged. This year it was a challenge to spin a batch of wool that was split up between various people and to card, spin and make something from the yarn. Well not everyone completed the challenge by the time of the fair, but it worked out perfectly for the display. There was a example for every stage of the making of it there...I did finish a project...I called it my Cat Coaster ...anywhere it sits a cat will lay on it...saving my poor couches :)

Spinning Magic

September 2010 ~ Triston and I went to the Enchanted Acres Ranch in Benton City and spent the day enjoying the farm and animals and demonstrating the art of spinning Alpaca fleece.

Triston and I took turns spinning various colors of fleece, Trison's favorite is a miked colored Grey rose color that when finished looks a bit lavender.

There were lots of Alpaca's mommys and babies, they are so cute to see frolicing in the fields. It was such a joy to spend the weekend there.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Doll Swap

Here is an adorable baby I made for the Spring Dinky Baby Swap...What should her name be?

Downy Quilt

I have finished a quilt to send to the Downy project, Thanks to my BF Lori who told me about this wonderful cause. They send you a qult kit and ask that you make it and then make an additional quilt to send to them, they in turn give the quilts to children in the hospitals...what a great reason to make a here is the first quilt made from thier kit...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dinky Babies made by me

These dolls are Dinky Babies patterns designed by Vicky Riley. I make them for fun, I sell some and take special orders. They are so fun to make!
This is a very sweet doll I made for a doll swap. I love her!

This is a special order doll, she has a wonderful new home.

The finished product from a Dinky Baby class I tought at the Community Center in Richland

Ballarina Dolls I made the pink one for my mother and the blue one for my daughter.

Doll's galore...Pattern by Meo Feroy

Faboulous bellydancer dolls I have made in past years....these are character dolls that I make from time to time.
Santa and Mrs Clause are looking quite smitten...

Growing old together has never been so fun down on the farm...

Getting married is a beg step...These dolls were a wedding gift..looks just like them too!

This is a doll I made for my looks just like her...well minus the back outfit, the boa the champaigne oh and the long wavy hair...Hmmm...Ok I did give it to my mother...I was going for the wild side of my very mellow mother.
My character dolls tend to bring out the character in the folks I make them for...I relish exaggerating things to make the dolls fun!

Belly Dancing...shimmy shimmy shimmy

This me doing a sword dance June 2009...

This is my some of my troupe that performed at Med Fest in Seattle July 2009

This is Ren Fair Richland 2009 Love our Gahwahze costumes.
So along with sewing quilts and spinning yarn I also sew and design bellydance costumes. I love the abitlity to be creative and bring fabrics to life.